Core Skills Academy

This is an introductory program for those kids between 10 and 16 that are new to the sport of rugby (one year or less experience). The program is specifically designed to provide a highly-effective introductory curriculum in order to improve the athlete’s Core Skills.  All sessions are delivered by current top-level provincial and national level players and coaches.

Sessions focus on Core Skill Development as it applies to the game of rugby as well as game play and understanding. These include:

  • Run/Catch/Pass
  • Evasive Running
  • Tracking and Defensive Roles
  • Attack and Basic Game Play

Core Skills Academy Overview:

Technical Development

  • Options include 8 or 16 weeks of Core Skills Training once a week
  • Utilization of the latest technology to provide concise, accurate feedback for each athlete;
  • Participation in one to two 60min weekly training sessions with some of the country’s best skill assessment and development coaches.

Tactical Development

  • Games-based approach that utilizes consistent game-play in order to best facilitate effective decision-making practices and tactical awareness

Program Upgrade Options Include:

1 – Strength Training

Introduction to strength and conditioning that helps establish an effective foundation for those that want to pursue more training in the future.

Options include: one, two, or even three strength training sessions per week of participation.

The Strength Training Component of our program is delivered by fully qualified, and highly reputable strength coaches and features a safe and progressive strength training regimen that specifically addresses the physical needs of the young athletes. Emphasis is placed on the “strength through range of motion”, the core muscles, as well as posterior-chain, and bio-mechanical development of the young player.

This is the only program of its nature in Canada and is guaranteed to improve the performance, skills and knowledge of your son/daughter.

The program starts in late October and will run for the eight weeks prior to the Holidays and then the eight weeks post-holidays up to March Break.

Athletes wishing to include strength training with their skill development should register for our Advanced Academy program.