Junior Elite Rugby Academy

Those interested and pursuing high-level playing opportunities be it at the varsity, national or professional level, should consider our 18-week Elite Rugby Academy.

Our Junior Elite Rugby Academy is specifically designed for players that want to fully commit to their personal training and development in order to perform to the best of their abilities at the highest levels. Our goal is to ensure that players are equipped with the skills and understanding of the game required at the provincial, collegiate/varsity, and national level.

Former athletes have included:

  • Taylor Black – Exeter Chiefs, Rugby Canada NSWT, 2017 Junior National Player of the Year
  • Andrew Ferguson – Toronto Arrows, RC National Senior Men’s Team 15s
  • Matt Tierney – Castres RC (France), RC NSMT 15s
  • Djustice Sears-Duru – LA Giltinis (MLR), RC NSMT 15s
  • David Richard – Canada NSMT 7s
  • Ethan Hager – Dallas Jackals (MLR)
  • Jack Shaw – Rugby ATL (MLR)
  • Callum Tam  – Hong Kong Cricket Club, Hong Kong U20s
  • Kainoa Lloyd – Pacific Pride, RC NSMT 15s
  • Kevin Vertkas – Canada U20
  • Josh Engelbrecht – Queens University, Canada U18, 2017 OUA Male Player of the Year
  • Taylour Hurd – Brock University, Canada U20, 2017 OUA Female Player of the Year
  • Training and Facilitation provided by some of the top coaches in Ontario, each of whom bring their own impressive résumé of Elite level coaching
  • Strength training and conditioning needs are tailored to the specific to the nature and needs of rugby and delivered by S&C professionals
  • Weekly Speed, Agility, and Quickness training to facilitate development and understanding of advanced movement skills and principles.
  • Development of tactical experience in game situations through our indoor touch rugby league;
  • Advanced skills training that utilizes the latest technology to provide concise, accurate feedback for each athlete;
  • Functional Motor Screening and consistent monitoring of our athletes progress from a medical and physiological perspective;

Junior Elite Rugby Academy

The Upright Rugby Academy focuses on developing and refining the core skills necessary for “breaking the gain line” and moving on to the next level. Whether your ambitions are provincial, varsity, national, or simply to be the best player you can be, our sessions will provide you with the resources and know-how to get you there.

Our mission is to provide the BEST off-season training program for boys and girls, aged 14 to 18, that are passionate about rugby and committed to their success. Ultimately, we want to train our athletes in order to best provide an opportunity for them to excel in their sport.

Junior Elite Rugby Academy

– Oakville 2022-23 –

  • 18 Weeks Skills
    • Tuesdays 5-6pm
    • Fridays 3-5pm
    • Pine Glen Soccer Centre
  • *Optional*
    • 18 Weeks  Strength and Conditioning Sessions
    • One in-person sessions at Limitless Training Systems
    • Two take-home weekly workouts provided
    • Weekly mobility training protocol

Program Includes:

Technical Development

  • 18 weeks of Advanced Technical Skills Training that utilizes the latest technology to provide concise, accurate feedback for each athlete;
  • Athletes participate in one or two weekly Skills Development sessions with some of the country’s best skill assessment and development coaches.

Tactical Training

  • Athletes participate in on-going tactical training and development through a series of modified, challenging games.
  • They also benefit from participation in the local 8 week touch rugby league offered by Canada Touch Rugby.

BONUS Options Include:

Strength Training

  • For the first eight weeks, athletes participate in two weekly Speed and Strength training sessions.
  • For the second phase of the program (12 weeks), athletes participate in three weekly Speed and Strength training sessions.
  • Training is provided by highly reputable and knowledgeable coaches, each of whom bring their own impressive résumé of high-performance strength training and conditioning.

Athlete and Wellness

  • Functional Motor Screening and monitoring of our athletes progress from a medical and physiological perspective;
  • Weekly Yoga or Pilates classes in order to increase range of motion amongst our athletes, strengthen their core and minimize the risk of injury;
  • Two-Part Nutrition Seminar
  • Sport Psych and Performance Visualization Seminar

Our program maintains consistency with the Long Term Rugby Development (“LTRD”) goals established by Rugby Canada and implemented by  World Rugby.