Junior Girls Academy – Ages U14 to U16

The Junior Girls Academy is specifically designed for female rugby players (U14 – U16)  that want to train in order to perform to the best of their abilities.

Our goal within this age grade is to ensure that players are equipped with the core rugby skills and understanding of the game in order to best prepare them for success in the future.

We focus on developing the core skills necessary for “breaking the gain line” and moving on to the next level. Whether your ambitions are provincial, varsity, national, or simply to be the best player you can be, our sessions will provide you with the resources and know-how to get you there.

Junior Girls Academy Program Includes:

Technical Development

  • 8 to 16 weeks of Technical Skill Development that utilizes the latest technology to provide concise, accurate feedback for each athlete;
  • Athletes participate in one to two weekly Skills Development sessions with some of the country’s best skill assessment and development coaches.

Tactical Development

  • In addition to the on-going technical sessions that athletes experience, they also benefit from numerous modified games that encourage tactical development through game-play.

Program Options:

Strength Training

  • Options include training once or twice a week
  • Programs are specifically designed for the female athlete with an emphasis on knee and shoulder strength and stability
  • Training provided by highly reputable and knowledgeable strength coaches

Athlete Health and Wellness

  • Functional Motor Screening and consistent monitoring of our athletes progress from a medical and physiological perspective;
  • Weekly Yoga or Pilates classes in order to increase range of motion amongst our athletes, strengthen their core and minimize the risk of injury

Our program maintains consistency with the Long Term Rugby Development (“LTRD”) goals established by Rugby Canada and implemented by the IRB.

Core Skills Program

8 or 16 week options available

Once a week
  • Technical Skills Training ONCE a week
  • 8 Week Block $279.99
  • 16 Week Block $599.99

Essential Skills Program

8 or 16 week options available

Two Nights Each Week
  • Technical Skills Training
  • 8 Week Block $579.99
  • 16 Week Block $1049.99

Advanced Skills Program

8 or 16 week options available

Two Nights per Week
  • Weekly Technical and Tactical Training (x2)
  • Strength and Conditioning Session (x2)
  • 8 Week Block $979.99
  • 16 Week Block $1899.99