Upright Rugby Alumni

The “Upright Rugby Academy” was originally named, the “Elite Athlete Development Program”. Since we began the off-season training program in 2009, we have had close to 200 participants participate in our program.  Of those 200 players:

  • 42 have gone on to play at the university or college level, many of whom started in their first year;
  • 68 have played for Ontario as a junior;
  • 10 have played for Ontario as under-agers at the senior level;
  • 23 have represented Canada at the Junior level;
  • 6 have gone on to play rugby professionally in Europe, in the UK, or here at home
  • 4 have earned a spot with Canada’s Senior Men’s for the 2019 Summer Tour!!

Junior Men’s Alumni

National Senior Men’s Capped:

  • Andrew Ferguson: Canada NSMT (2017-present), Toronto Arrows, Canada U20 (2013), FISU 7s (2013)
  • Djustice Sears-Duru: Canada NSMT (2015-present), Canada U20 (2014), NSMT Top Prospect; Ontario Blues
  • Kainoa Lloyd: Queens University; Canada U20 Long-list (2014); Canada Maple Leafs 7s; 2014 FISU 7s
  • Matt Tierney: Canada NSMT (2017-present), PAU (French Top 14), Canada U17 (2013); Ontario Blues U19 (2014)
  • David Richard: Canada NSMT Men’s 7s (2019-present), Canada Maple Leafs (2018-2019), Canada Youth Olympic

Junior National and University Honours:

  • Josh Engelbrecht: Queen’s University (2017-present), Canada U20 long-list, Canada U18 (2017), OUA Rookie of the Year (2017)
  • Callum Tam: Hong Kong Cricket Club Academy, Hong Kong U20, Canada U18
  • Kevin Vertkas: UBC Thunderbirds, Canada U20 (2018), Canada U18 (2017), Canada Maple Leafs (2017-present)
  • Ethan Hager: University of Victoria, FISU 7s (2019), Canada U20 long-list, Canada U18, Canada Maple Leafs (2017-present)
  • David Richard: Jean Vanier High School,
  • Sawyer Herron: University of Victoria; Canada U20 (2014), Ontario Blues
  • Dan Mathie: Canada Maple Leafs; Ontario Blues; Canada U20 long-list (2013)
  • Max Van Dijk: Guelph University; Canada Maple Leafs; Ontario Blues; Canada U20 (2014)
  • Mike Santangeli: Western University; Canada U20 long-list (2013); 2014 FISU 7s
  • Eric Garnham: Humber College; Canada U18 (2011)
  • Jeremy Wright: Guelph University; Canada U20 long-list (2014)
  • Chris Woodhead: McMaster University; Canada U17 (2011)

Provincial and University/College Honours:

  • Will McArthur: Queen’s University
  • Jamie Leveridge: Toronto Arrows (2017-18), McMaster University (alumni), Ontario U19
  • Jackson Amos: Brock University (alumni), Ontario U19
  • Jason Valencia: Guelph University; Ontario U19
  • Jonathan Lorimer: University of Victoria; Ontario U19
  • Bailey Kalef: University of Waterloo; Nova Scotia U18
  • Matt Jones: University of Victoria
  • Liam Grimes: Brock University
  • Jesse Kokorudz: Laurier University
  • Alex DeBoo: Laurier University
  • Toby Sharland: Queens University
  • Mitchell Reid: Humber College

Junior Woman’s Alumni

  • Taylor Black: Exeter Chiefs (UK Premier), Canada Youth Olympic 7s, Canada U18 (2017-present), Ontario Blues 7s & 15s
  • Taylour Hurd: Brock University, Canada Maple Leafs long-list, Canada U18, OUA Rookie of the Year (2017)
  • Thea White: Queens University
  • Charli Mocon: Humber College; Canada U20; Canada U18 (2012); Canada Maple Leafs; Ontario Storm
  • Daniel Spice: Western University; Canada U20 long-list (2014); Canada U18 (2012); Ontario Storm
  • Sydnee Nolan: Queens University
  • Kaitlyn Richards: Ontario Storm 7s; Canada Youth Olympic 7s (Nanjing, 2014)
  • Bethany Greer: Western University